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Phoenix Consultancy is pleased to announce that we are now offering the ILM Level 7 Certificate in Leadership and Management. For more information please CLICK HERE

  • "There is no doubt that Ufi’s success as a company and the performance of its employees owe a considerable amount to the work which Merlin Walberg devised and lead. She brought us new ideas, models and approaches that helped us simplify and streamline our working practices, and crucially saved us money on our bottom line. Merlin is a highly skilled HR and training professional consultant who delivers results for her clients. I recommend her unreservedly."
  • "Merlin’s work in all areas of human resources, including the coaching and mentoring of the senior executive team and other key executives in the company, enabled Ufi Ltd to introduce and standardise systems and ensured accountability of staff to objectives in alignment with company values. Working closely in conjunction with Ufi’s HR team, Merlin designed and delivered a range of consistently high value and successful culture workshops across our business; these became a standard part of Ufi’s induction programme for all new employees."
  • "It was a thoroughly enjoyable and profitable programme. Thank you again for your time, expertise and excellent approach. I should be delighted if we have the opportunity to meet again in the future and only wish that many of my colleagues could have the opportunity to benefit from this programme early in their career development."
  • "I also cannot thank you enough for really bringing together the various different professional groups in audiology, which have struggled previously to get on some sensible footing. There was a real sense of purpose and unanimity in the meetings, which must benefit both the subject and the clinical service, which both require the breadth of expertise across the various disciplines."
  • "From my first meeting with Merlin, it was readily apparent that she had the ability to create tangibles out of my intangibles. I knew the tone that I wanted at the workshop: Merlin knew what to do to create that tone. I knew the level of motivation I needed from the participants: Merlin knew how to create that motivation. She was a master designer."
  • "I cannot overstate the degree to which I enjoyed working with Merlin. I learned a tremendous amount from her regarding working with groups. Though Merlin is quite open and flexible, she is blessedly rigid when it comes to keeping one’s eye on the goals. Such focus proved invaluable. I also admire in Merlin the balance she achieves between being actively and passively involved. Merlin has a sixth sense that allows her to know when she should be “present” and when she should be “absent”. Such ability allowed us, in the end, to find the roadmap on our own."
  • "By the end of the first evening, a mere three hours into the workshop, Merlin had converted every skeptic in the room. She spoke like us; used similar body language; understood what we were saying or trying to say; and even laughed at our jokes. Trust followed and success was on its heels. By all accounts, our workshop was a tremendous success and I must give Merlin’s contributions to the design and implementation of the program a lion’s share of the credit."
  • "As a physical scientist I was slightly sceptical about leadership courses. I have completely changed my view, and this course has not only given me a set of validated tools for leading and influencing, it has also inspired me to make a significant and rewarding career change."
  • "I wanted to say a huge thank you to both of you for all that you did on the Influencing the Future leadership course.  To say it has been life changing would not be overstating my feelings about the course.  I have been on other leadership courses before but none have come anywhere close to having the same impact."
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    So my next bit of news is that from today I am starting a 3 month secondment working with the Divisional Management Team as Interim Innovation and Quality Coordinator. Aaarrgghhh!!!! I’m so excited to be given this opportunity!!! And again it is all thanks to both of you two and the course that you did!  Thank you again; you really have changed my life.

  • " LTCC has been an eye opener for me; it has provided me with tools to understand, myself, and others better, resulting in a better organisational performance. I would recommend this programme to all healthcare workers who are eager to maximise their potential - Kaj Balasubramaniam"
  • " The LTCC programme was "right time and place with the right people" for me, to give me the personal and professional understanding I needed to advance my career and role within my NHS organisation. Working with and sharing learning from like-minded individuals was invaluable in achieving both my own goals and that of my CEO sponsor - Ian Francis"
  • " The NHS is a fantastic organisation to work for. It gets a lot of things right, but should constantly strive to improve. The current leaders and future leaders of the NHS need the tools as well as the experience to lead, innovate and support change. Leading Transformational Culture Change is an excellent programme that provides the tools, support, coaching and environment that is needed for leaders in Healthcare Science within the NHS. I thoroughly recommend this course and the experienced team from Phoenix Consultancy - Joanne McMahon"
  • " I can only recommend the LTCC Leadership programme I have completed – the enthusiasm of Merlin, Penny and the coaches is inspiring; the breadth of leadership and management topics covered and personally, the confidence gained from the interactions and group discussions have been invaluable.  In a constantly challenging environment within the NHS the skills gained will make a significant difference professionally - Anna Milan"
  • "Please give my warmest regards to Merlin and inform her that I am pleased to say that I have been implementing the learning from the course including recently starting a completely new service (Faecal transplantation for severe C. difficile infection) in my hospital which is not available in many NHS hospitals. I have achieved 100% MRSA free at my hospital for the last 4 years! - Ngozi Elumogo"
  • "I am delighted to report that as a result of the course, I am ready to actively embrace promotion to Clinical Director. I know for a fact that without the benefit of the course I would be in a very different place re taking on this role and would certainly be feeling less confident and more of an ‘Imposter’. As well as providing a wealth of practical skills, the course has fundamentally changed my attitude and approach to leadership and management, not only in terms of the content and coaching but as a springboard to read more widely with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. A superbly taught course from very knowledgeable professionals with a wealth of shared experience. Highly recommended to anyone interested in leadership development - Richard Barnard"
  • "Hi Merlin, Its a long time since I did this course with you in Maidstone. The project I took away to work on has just finished (I suppose 6 years is a sprint in NHS terms). NICE (NG35) has now used our evidence (previously there was insufficient) to recommend Serum free light chains in the screening and monitoring of myeloma. Many thanks for the course the outcome of this will be better diagnosis and treatment for Myeloma patient and will save many kidneys. Best wishes, Edward"